Being a very busy working mom with three boys, who are all in travel sports and school activities, caused me to neglect myself.  All of the running meant lots of fast food stops, not to mention lack of exercise, which began to take its toll on my body.

The best thing I did was to start training with Kelvin.  The sessions were fun and engaging so it never felt like a chore and he gave me the encouragement and support I needed to keep going.  I did exercises and moved muscles that I never knew existed!

I lost 17 pounds of unwanted fat!

Missy P.  

Huber Heights, Ohio

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Walk This Way

Did you know there’s a right and wrong way to walk? Get the most out of your walks with these tips.

Walking is simple, adaptable, convenient, and has proven to be one of the best ways to exercise. You don’t need expensive equipment at home or special training to make it happen. You can walk around your neighborhood, on a treadmill at the gym, or up and down stairs in your house. Whether you’re 9 or 90 years old, walking is a great way to stay in shape, fend off disease, and maintain a healthy weight.

Walking, for the most part, comes naturally. Put one foot in front of the other and move forward. However, there may be things about the way you walk that are slowing your fitness gains. Keep reading to learn how to avoid common walking mistakes so you can get the most out of your walks.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Every type of shoe is designed for a specific activity. You know high heels aren’t good for walking, but neither are other non-supportive shoes. To avoid injury and ensure optimal support for your feet, wear shoes that are light, breathable, bendable, and have a cushioned heel. Shoes that are too tight may cause blisters or corns. If they’re too loose and your foot slides around, they don’t provide good support. Even though they may look new, shoes lose their support after a year or 500 miles.


In your effort to walk faster, you may lengthen your stride. Don’t! This mistake can make you lose your balance or cause your foot to strike the ground too hard. Your speed shouldn’t come from massive strides. Rather, it should come from the power of pushing off with your back leg. It’s best to take shorter, faster steps.

Moving Arms Too Much or Too Little

The wrong arm movements can slow you down. Keeping your arms still and by your sides, swinging them and not bending them, bending your elbows and swinging your arms from side to side, or swinging your arms so high your fists come up past your chest are all wrong ways to move your arms.

The correct arm movement can increase power and speed to your walk. Keep your arms bent at 90 degrees, let them naturally swing back and forth in time with your stride, and don’t let your hands pass the center of your body or rise above your chest.

Walking with Incorrect Posture

Looking down at your phone or the ground, slumping over, leaning back, or leaning forward are all forms of improper walking posture. Correct posture helps you breathe better and helps prevent injury to your back, shoulders, or neck. As you walk, keep your body upright and your chin up, parallel to the ground. Your eyes should stay focused 10 to 20 feet ahead of you and your shoulders should be down and relaxed.

Not Tracking Progress

Tracking your workouts is especially important for those trying to lose weight or reach specific fitness goals. Use an app or journal to record the length, distance, and frequency of your walks. Seeing how far you’ve gone is a great motivator to go farther. Need motivation? See how long it takes you to walk the distance across your state or across your country. Then track your walking so you can see your progress.

Walking the Same Path Everyday

If your go-to workout is walking, make sure you change things up. Doing the same exercise everyday may lead to boredom or a lack of fitness results. Remember—your muscles and joints need variety for health and strength. If you walk on a flat path every time, add some hills.

Since walking mainly works your leg muscles, it’s smart to cross train. If you walk everyday for exercise, add some strength training and flexibility exercises into your weekly routine that work all muscle groups. Not sure what exercises will best help you meet your health and fitness needs? Ask your trainer!


Dayton, Ohio Mom Loses 35 Pounds in 12 Weeks!!!


Kelvin (KEL) and EXtreme Personal Fitness changed my life FOREVER!  I am a former health-nut, so I had all the knowledge of eating right and exercising, but I was in such a rut that I could not get myself to do it. I had 2 babies right in a row, a new-found low thyroid condition, and added stress and time-restraints of working full time and taking care of a family of five.  Yes she actually has a low thyroid!  And she still lost weight!  She lost 35 lbs in 12 weeks!  Her husband as a result lost 17 lbs without even trying.


I stopped cooking. We ate out every night, mostly fast-food because it was more economical, eventually becoming addicted to it so much that my kids would not eat anything else but fast food. I was miserable with how my body was handling all of this. Because of my weight gain, I started having added back pain, knee pain, foot pain, and general body fatigue which prevented me from enjoying my kids and my life to the fullest. I felt so far gone away from the road of healthy living, I saw no hope, and had no motivation.

I turned to Kelvin and EXtreme Personal Fitness desperate for help to lose weight and change my lifestyle. He was just the support and motivation I needed to not just get back on track but to make a good healthy switch. He encouraged and instilled in me the determination to make losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle important again. In the past 3 weeks I have lost more weight than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time (11 lbs in 4 weeks), I have saved money by planning my meals and cooking again, and my whole family has benefited from the results. I have motivation again and that is a mandatory part of losing weight. Thank you for helping me turn my life around and get on the path to losing weight!  My husband as a result of these changes has lost 17 pounds without even trying!!!


Kim D.,   Vandalia, Ohio  (Proud Wife and Mommy of 5)